Sealed Concrete Flooring

Sealed Concrete Flooring For a Permanent Increase in Density, Hardness & Durability

The process of “sealing concrete” provides many options. The concrete is first cleaned by either scrubbing or grinding it. A sealer is then installed. Acrylic sealers are water-based and are designed for sealing non-resilient surfaces such as concrete. They protect and enhance the appearance of concrete by forming a thin, non-yellow coat and add depth and richness to the surface. Hardeners/densifiers penetrate the concrete and seal it internally. The result is a permanent increase in the concrete’s density, hardness and durability.

Uses & Advantages

Sealed concrete flooring is great for interior and exterior floors, and floors and walls requiring a harder, easier-to-clean finish. Docks and ramps often utilize sealed concrete flooring.

Sealed concrete flooring emits zero VOCs and is USDA approved. It can help strengthen concrete. The hardeners/densifiers get better with age.