Concrete Overlay Flooring

Concrete Overlay Flooring Perfect for Old, Damaged Flooring

When unsightly, old, and damaged concrete is no longer acceptable, concrete overlays should be your top choice. Concrete overlay systems allow us to repair the damaged concrete while easily creating various finishes that replicate that of stone, tile, marble, steel troweled finish, hardwood flooring, and brick. All overlay systems can be stained or integrally colored to achieve your desired look and color. We provide various protective finish topcoat options for many applications from residential foot traffic to heavy commercial traffic.

Uses & Advantages

Concrete overlay flooring is great for garages, basements and other residential environments. Restaurants, office spaces and commercial spaces also benefit from concrete overlay systems.

They have excellent durability, are easy to clean and maintain, and they comply with VOC regulations. Perfect for heavily damaged concrete floors. Various finishes are available, including steel trowel, stone, and marble. Concrete overlay flooring can also be cut to create decorative effects such as tile, diamonds, borders, and other shapes.